Take Nature Home

Take Nature Home
Our much loved community and farm shop will close as of Sunday 27. September 2015, and we are sorry to have had to make the decision that we will not be re-opening again for sales or farm trips.

We thank all of our customers, visitors, suppliers and contacts for their support and good cheer.

Many of you will have enjoyed our hospitality here at FOXGLOVES as well as our products, and we will especially miss the friendly chats when people called in to buy, and the bonds we made with those young (and older!) who we shared our love of animals and the countryside with - and of course the local schools and community groups we have voluntarily supported in their various projects over the years.

We only wish that the relationship with DDDC could have been as warm and welcoming as with everyone else!

We will be posting a few contact addresses shortly where you might be able to go to buy similar farm produce, or you might be able to ask for assistance from someone local to continue with community events and projects.

Kind regards,
Gaynor, Eric and animals.

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